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Thank u! Very helpful. xI think it would be weird if

Our IT support company has received so many calls to &aposfix&apos this problem because clients had updated and our solution has been to uninstall this version and reinstall the more useable versions. It&aposs like the Windows 8 of Adobe products... but worse. The first call I attempted to work with the user to try and teach them how to navigate around the interface changes but it became frustrating as I wasn&apost dealing with someone in their early 20&aposs who might be able to work around these issues.All other apps in the

I’ve always found that less is often more. Simple words, short sentences will keep the readers coming back. These are tips 🙂To writers these are already embedded in them, but for those who aren’t, it is always great to see read them to start the process of having them naturally enforced in our writing.

Python allows you to specify that a function argument is by providing a for it. While this is a great feature of language, it can lead to some confusion when the default value is . For example, consider this Python function definition:by - Python Software Engineer @

TRUMP: It&aposs possible that we won&apost.

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