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Suddenly, Greece was shut out from borrowing in the financial

Greece&aposs leftist government surprised its European partners Saturday by announcing that it would hold a referendum on their proposals next week and would urge voters to reject them. The other Eurozone nations closed ranks, warning that they would not extend Greece&aposs current bailout package past its expiration Tuesday.

Sweat runs down my temples. I shake my head. My breathing slows, and I can even crack a wry grin.

Although a simple glance is enough for a well-meaning observer to draw the correct conclusions concerning Greece’s financial derailment and the responsibilities for this development borne by the country’s political class, we will formulate a simple mathematical model, in to study the administration periods of the country and the ‘contribution’ of each political party, and its Prime Minister, to the financial derailment of the country, on the basis of the numerical data.On the basis o

It is important to be noted that Greece was already bankrupt in 2009 her political class was unprepared to handle the new circumstances which had come into being after the onset of the financial crisis and the end of ‘cheap’ money for the country through loans, while the people were used to lip service on the part of the politicians and rhetoric in the style of ‘There is money to be found!’, despite the fact that the state coffers had run dry. Therefore, despite any mistakes on G. P

Usually translated as “Chief Directorate of Camps’, it was the government agency administering the main Soviet forced labour camp systems during the Stalin era, from the 1930’s until the 1950’s. (Translator’s note).Mathematician-Economics, System Analyst, 15o km Chalkida-Anthidona, Chalkida Evias, Greece

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