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: An employee sought approval to work part-time for

Denials are rare, but they do happen. For example, an employee sought approval to work part-time for a non-profit grantee of the Department. The employee&aposs duties included monitoring the performance of the grantee, her supervisor indicated that it was impossible to assign this project to a co-worker. The employee would be barred by law from doing her Department job if she took this part-time position. Therefore, the Department denied her request.Generally, as a result of the 1993 amendments to the Hatch Ac

Political Activities: What Can I Do?There are three basic exceptions to this rule:

Yes. Providing consulting services for industry requires prior approval as outside work for compensation. Complete Form 1460 and submit it for review and approval by your department chair and school or college dean or chancellor. If the consulting period falls within a single UW academic year (July 1 through June 30), submit one Form 1460 covering the entire period. If the consulting period spans two or more UW academic years, submit one Form 1460 for each academic year (July 1 through June 30) or part ther

Professional or Classified staff Outside Work requests are not handled by the Office of Research. If you are Professional or Classified staff wishing to engage in Outside Work, please see for the correct form and instructions on obtaining approval.All faculty, librarians, and other academic personnel who anticipate engaging in outside professional work for compensation need to complete Form 1460.

The tax law narrowly proscribes circumstances under which a retiree providing services to the University may be considered to be an independent contractor. Thus, a retiree providing services (including one who has affiliated with a separate company or business entity) may only be compensated outside of the University&aposs Payroll System if he or she is performing services entirely separate and unrelated to his or her prior University employment duties. Such services must be distinct from the retiree&aposs prior em

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