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In the animated version, Gaston is a goofy

On the bright side, though, Condon also teases a “payoff” to LeFou’s subplot in his movie, so maybe he plans to diverge from the source material in some significant ways. Maybe the live-action versions of LeFou and Gaston are different enough that their friendship has a different dynamic to it. Maybe the plan is for LeFou to stand up for himself and find a new love — or for Gaston to realize he’s been chasing after the wrong person when it’s really LeFou he should be with

Former Disney World performer Devon Staples died Saturday in a fireworks mishap during a Fourth of July celebration in Calais, Maine. He was 22. Staples, who played Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” and Goofy at Disney World, was killed instantly when he attempted to launch fireworks from his head. “Apparently, he thought that was […]

NBC was struggling in the late 1970s. Of the top 30 network shows of the 1977 to 1978 season, 15 were on ABC, 11 on CBS, and only four were on NBC (, , and the Sunday and Monday night movies). So when premiered in the fall of 1978 and became a hit—it placed 27th for the season—NBC moved quickly to capitalize on its success.

He is also shown to be completely lustful and provocative towards Belle, as he plans to marry her because of her beautiful looks as opposed to her nonconformist and unconventional personality. Even when Belle made it clear that she doesn&apost to be with Gaston (with pointing out that the other women in the village are quite fond of Gaston), the latter still wants to marry Belle to satisfy his own ego, proving to be quite regardless of her feelings or anyone else&aposs. He even feels extremely possessive and jealo

Emma Watson echoed Gad’s comments: hope girls and anyone who watches the film understands that when you feel odd or different, it’s O.K.,” she said. “Belle didn’t fit in, and she didn’t let people judge her—and that made her strong and important.”Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and .

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