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After a tour of the west wing

I’m going to the West Wing Tour Sunday! I’m super excited!My dad said with awe, “By VP, do you mean the Vice President of the United States?”

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Ok, but I&amp#39d bet Hank&amp#39s is in Manchester, not Nashua. They&amp#39re close to the farm when they go there. And yes, I&amp#39ve crossed over...Ok, what do I get when I—sorry—*if* I win the bet?

So, that’s the 10-year reunion. What’s next? producer admitted that he initially dismissed the advice, joking with the audience that David is “professionally miserable.” He revealed that asked to see the season five premiere anyway, but didn’t get very far.

Two large, gilded eagles -- acquired by GSA&aposs West Wing historian at a Maryland antique shop -- now adorn pedestals in the Roosevelt Room.  New limestone steps, mined in Indiana, now lead from South Portico balcony to the driveway below.

“It has been written before that Martin was the father and John was the mother of this family that existed,” Schlamme continued. “There was a maternal, extraordinary, loving quality about that man that superseded the professionalism that he had. If you look up the definition of actor, you would see his picture.”

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