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These people like high-end chains, expensive restaurants and interiors shops. They

The golden age of restaurants is similarly beset by cancellations. The experience of being an affluent diner in New York, Washington, D.C., or San Francisco is something like gastronomic nirvana. But the number of restaurants in all three cities is now falling amidst cut-throat competition, according to NPD data. Restaurants hovering are on the razor’s edge of success and total failure a half-point rise in Yelp ratings for such restaurants can increase sell-out evenings by about 50 percent. These medioc

In a long and detailed paper this week on the demise of stores, Cowen and Company research analysts offered several reasons for the “structural decay” of malls following the Great Recession. First, they said that stagnating wages and rising health-care costs squeezed consumer spending on fun stuff, like clothes. Second, the recession permanently hurt logo-driven brands, like Hollister and Abercrombie, that thrived during the 1990s and 2000s, when coolness in high-school hallways was defined by the size

There are many factors that impact whether or not a restaurant is profitable. These include everything from the demand of the cuisine offered in the local area, food and other variable costs, marketing efforts, management and much more. While these are all obvious factors, one that is often overlooked in its importance as a contributing factor to long term profitability is the ambiance of the restaurant itself.No matter the size of your restaurant, the food you serve or the kind of crowd you attract, creati

Japanese consumers are changing not only what they buy but also how they buy it. Long given to shopping near their homes, they are now more willing to travel. They are also deserting department stores in numbers, preferring to spend their time in malls and stand-alone specialty shops. Asked by a March 2009 MyVoice Internet survey to explain their defection from department stores, they cited expensive products, “annoying staff,” and an “inability to shop at my own pace.” Consumers are

BelfastAs the name suggests, this restaurant in the centre of Belfast is very homely – it does really tasty food at reasonable prices. They a lovely deli counter during the day, with a lot of healthier options – or at least what we call healthy in this country (ie, it’s not deep-fried). So I’ll pop in for a wee light lunch – avocado salad and couscous, something along those lines – or else go for dinner and order something more substantial such as braised short-rib in beer with champ and kale. I

“We&aposre a lazy nation,” says Jason Kessler. “We a chef to cook for us without having to put on pants.”

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