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Hi, I am trying to send .rar file by gmail

Hey guys im having a problem opening folders I have downloaded from dropbox. I have since deleted it from dropbox (so cant try reloading the files). I have tried opening it 3 on different computers and im getting the same message. I tried using both windows 7 and windows 8.1Thanks heaps for getting back here man.

Var userEmail2 = “” var subject2 = “Skirfare Booking Form Submitted” var message2 = + userName + “has just made a booking” MailApp.sendEmail subject2, message2) }I think a few people have used Gmail Aliases to do it:

Man!! it works perfectly!! thank u!!EOF problem on notepad, see this screen:

How can I get the links for the 200 files I have uploaded to Google docs based on their filenames? Clicking on each Sharing link to get the randomly assigned Google doc number for each of the 200 uploaded document is not feasible. Or is there a way to get a report or csv file of what filename maps to what Google randomly generated number for the 200 files in that (if I can get a mapping in a csv file, then that will also do the job)

You are a genius! Thank You.awesome, thank you very much

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