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As the name implies, the histologic abnormalities that characterize

Placenta with two equal-sized lobes connected by a thin bridge. No identified risks of this structure. Clinical term for the cytomegalovirus infection of the placenta.

The rs35705950 single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)—a promoter site of an airway mucin gene (MUC5B)—is strongly associated with IPF and familial pulmonary fibrosis and not seen in other secondary causes of lung fibrosis. Positive rs35705950 SNP in IPF patients is associated with slightly better prognosis and outcome.

Retinal glial and retinal pigment epithelial cells are major components. Fibrous astrocytes, fibrocytes, myofibrocytes, and macrophages can also be identified in pathological analysis. A posterior vitreous detachment is often noted which supports the pathophysiology of this entity.

The pathologist may perform special tests to identify specific genes, proteins, and other factors unique to the tumor. The results of these tests may be listed in a separate section or in a separate report. These additional tests are especially important for diagnosis because choosing the best treatment option may depend on these results.How large the tumor?

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