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If left untreated, bipolar disorder usually worsens. However, with a

The precise cause for the development of bipolar disorders remains unknown. It is thought that bipolar disorder is the result of a number of factors working interchangeably. These factors include: (less acute in those with bipolar disorder):

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A diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder requires the experience of at least two mood episodes, one of which must be manic or hypomanic. Unlike -IV, a single episode of mania does not merit a diagnosis of bipolar disorder until another mood episode (of any is experienced. Episodes can be specified as hypomanic, manic without psychotic symptoms, manic with psychotic symptoms, mild or moderate depression, severe depression without psychotic symptoms, severe depression with psychotic symptoms, mixed or in rem

I have indeed gotten much better over the last several years since I was diagnosed, though it took a while ot find the right combination of meds. Medication and learning how to deal with the symptoms through meditation have helped tremendously. I can tell when depression is coming on and understand the source. This insight and understanding of the disease has helped more than the medication. I have been able to scale the meds back a bit, though I don’t if I will ever be able to stop taking them altogether

Bipolar disorder cannot be cured. It is considered a chronic illness, like diabetes, and must be carefully managed and treated throughout your life. Treatment usually includes both and therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Medications used in the treatment of bipolar disorders include:Over of Americans will develop bipolar disorder.

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