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Juliano Ferreira

Happily married &amp lucky to be a father. Slowly becoming a tech industry vet, 15+ years and on-going. Interests: my family, innovative tech, democracy &amp sports.
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North Korea produces both and , with one

In its larger purpose the partisan uprising failed: the Republic of Korea (ROK) was formed in August 1948, with Syngman Rhee as president. Nevertheless, almost 8,000 members of the South Korean security forces and at least 30,000 other Koreans lost their lives. Many of the victims were not security forces or armed guerrillas at all but simply people identified as “rightists” or by the . Small-scale atrocities became a way of life.

Triple world champion Elise Christie begins her bid to finally land an Olympic title with the 500m heats. Short-track speed skating team-mates Charlotte Gilmartin and Kathryn Thomson will also race in the 500m.

From the moment that President Barack Obama told President-elect Donald Trump during the transition about the impending threat of North Korean nuclear-tipped ICBMs, Trump’s basic stance has been: not on my watch. From his of January 2 (“won’t happen!”) to his August that the U.S. military is “locked and loaded” to unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea if it threatens America, Trump has sought to draw a red line that makes it clear he will do whatever is necessary to halt North Korea’s n

The two Koreas have previously sent joint teams to major international sports events twice, both in 1991. One event was the world table tennis championships in Chiba, Japan, and the other was soccer’s World Youth Championship in Portugal. During an era of detente in the 2000s, their athletes marched together during the opening and closing ceremonies of nine international sporting events, including the Olympics and Asian Games, but they failed to produce a joint team. also offered to send 230 members of i


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