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Fulton continued to prosper into the early

The Big Blue Stem variety of prairie grass grew as tall as 6-8 feet, hiding horses, cattle, and an occasional child. The last field of original prairie in Grundy County is located at Goose Lake Prairie State Park. Every three years, to simulate nature, the plants burned to replace lost nitrogen and minerals in the soil. Early settlers were often confronted with wildfires set off by lightning.

There was little indication of this future greatness when Frank Woolworth opened his Great Five Cent Store in Utica, New York. The idea had already proved itself in Michigan and western New York, where merchants had mass-produced, low-cost household goods in “nickel stores.”“The store isn’t open, madam.”

As a Roosevelt High School student, his first job was working at the Walter Smith clothing store. He also worked at the nearby Harry Coffee’s clothing store. He also worked at the Theater.

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