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Consider the range of skills needed to manage

Acting as a business manager is a challenging and difficult career path. It is a role with incredible responsibility, from reaching goals in terms of sales to managing office productivity. While your specific duties can vary from company to company, all business managers are tasked with keeping their departments making progress and working at peak efficiency. To succeed as a business manager, you need to have the following skills:

The European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) has issued a discussion document (Padfield et 1998) with the intention of stimulating debate on professional education and lifelong learning for engineers. This document defines professional development skills as the ability of the learner, fluently and without external direction, to:Developing our personal profile will make use of the reflective practices discussed in step 5.

Our new research report is based on the Future of Journalism Competencies survey, which was conducted in late 2013 and early 2014. The survey received more than 2,900 responses from media organization professionals, independent or freelance journalists, educators and students. The participation breakdown was: Photography, an essential skill since most reporters today are equipped with smartphones or cameras, is less important to professionals than to educators.

Our data also suggested that a strong customer orientation is a starting point for building a strategic marketplace perspective in leaders.  Identify early career employees consistently consider the customer perspective when making decisions. These individuals may be future innovators. Exposing these customer-centric employees to strategic projects and to work that touches the customer experience along the life cycle will groom them to be future innovators.To develop a strategic business perspective, C

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