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Notice that the axes are labeled differently than we are used to seeing in the sketch of &ampgt. This was to keep the sketch consistent with the sketch of the surface. We arrived at the equation of the hypotenuse by setting &ampgt equal to zero in the equation of the plane and solving for &ampgt. Here are the ranges for &ampgt and &ampgt.Note as well that there are similar formulas for surfaces given by

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I checked recent ports about adding link to an image. And looks like we also have the same problem. Previously we attached an image and then used [...](...) structure to give a link to But now images are attached as embedded object and browser doesn&apost give a link to it, but a base64 string that can not be used as a link.When I reference a private note it does not work:{}

Let &ampgt be a positively oriented, piecewise smooth, simple, closed curve and let &ampgt be the region enclosed by the curve. If &ampgt and &ampgt have continuous order partial derivatives on &ampgt then,

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