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The way in which the church prepares for

WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse said that spiritual ecumenism is at the heart of the ecumenical movement.

The Assembly of Churches and Christian Communities of Geneva will organize a local celebration for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at the chapel of the Ecumenical Centre, on 24 January at 19:00. This will also be an opportunity to begin celebrating the WCC’s 70th anniversary year in a prayerful atmosphere. The service will be followed by a reception in the lobby.“This year, Christians from the Caribbean, who have enslavement, oppression, marginalisation, invite us to pray for unity and celebrate

Many of the preparations that families and churches should make for natural and manmade disasters are same. Broadly speaking, it is wise to prepare for disasters where you have to leave (evacuate), and those where you have to stay in place.

Pope Francis spoke truth to something that so many of us have been thinking about, and no doubt many others had never thought of before but immediately understood. For most, marriage prep involves a chaotic weekend in a conference center with hundreds of other couples, only to be set loose into a relationship that completely alters your state of existence. Pope Francis is right it one of the most difficult things to prepare couples for marriage in a culture that has everything about it wrong and with a Ch

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