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The action is completed.

“Shoulds” are the things we do out

Anthony Robbins has a good aphorism to describe all these shoulds in your life. He says that after a while you end up . It may be an off color analogy, but it’s fitting because you really do feel shit after you’ve put everything off for so long, after you’ve procrastinated over and over and over.And so it’s just like anything else you tell yourself.

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“I don’t have to be the good girl, or the nice girl, or the fun girl.  I am enough.  There is no need to flatten my beautifully complex authentic self into two dimensions to make others feel at ease.”“You should come out of your shell.”

The way to success is through good . To succeed you need to yourself enough to find your desire, your and tap into it.

In years past, this would have been a prime opportunity to beat myself up I would have been frustrated over missing the original holiday deadline and put it off to try again next year (likely to only forget and/or not complete it yet again!). I contemplated this habitual response, however, and shared my thoughts within some of my favorite Facebook communities. The response was of gratitude and resonance.What if we counter that voice that says, “Oh well, too late now—we’ll try again next year&amp#823

ourselves brings feelings of shame. Inside we feel like we’re not good enough so punishing our self or putting our self in jail. We want to be free.It being is not enough.

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