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At the end of August is the annual American celebration of , the only holiday weekend during this period. Of all the year&aposs holiday weekends it is reliably the weakest in terms of movie box office, with the top grosser for the weekend being the 2007 -directed of , at $30.5 million. , then in its fourth week, is a close second after pulling in $29 million in in a distant second for opening weekends is yet another , 2012&aposs with $21.1 million.While both dump-month periods immediately follow periods of greate

Last week was a nail-biter! After overcoming a 3:0 deficit, Nate sealed the deal with a striking hit to far post for the 4:3 advantage with only minutes to go. Thor, Marsha and Becka worked some skilled offensive magic in the final third, sometimes surprising themselves, tallying upwards of 10 shots on goal. Audrey fit her defensive role like a glove and with Jordan’s coaching and stamina our team was organized and tactful. Tyson never swore, never let Jordan down and made a few seriously key stops in

While seismologists can’t predict exactly when that will happen, every few years they release a forecast for the likelihood of such an event. The , published earlier this year by the USGS, estimates a 7 percent chance that a magnitude 8 quake will occur in California within the next 30 years. That’s about as big as earthquakes can get in California, notes Jordan—a magnitude 8.3 quake might be possible if the entire San Andreas fault were to rupture from the Mexico border up to northern Cal

“The studios don’t have black box office experts. Sometimes they just don’t promote them to generate the traffic. No one saw the potential Straight Outta Compton.”

We are a very fearful country gun carriers, wannabes, and non-guns alike. Who will step forward to bring us to our senses? How about asking our candidates what their plan for gun controls is as a checklist item as we think about our stop at the polls in November? What do you think? Do we have a national moral problem that implicates all of us?As the nation to grapple with this seemingly senseless act of violence, both President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney have .

The article alleged a pattern of abuse of power, in which Weinstein repeatedly invited aspiring actresses to meet him in luxury hotel rooms. The report included allegations from eight women that Weinstein appeared naked or only partially clothed, asking for a massage or initiating one himself, or requiring them to be present while he bathed.Harvey Weinstein may now be toxic in Hollywood, but how long will it last? 

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