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An examination of comorbidity, and the specificity of the association, is informative regarding the link between BPD and the bipolar spectrum however, the most informative approach towards answering this question is to compare depressed patients with and without BPD on validators that are specific for bipolar disorder. Thus, the demonstration that compared with depressed patients without BPD, depressed patients with BPD have more anxiety disorders, more substance-use disorders, and a younger age of onset,

The Puritans brought disease as well as their religion to the New World, and the impact on the native population was the same as it had been the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America a century earlier. As settlements expanded beyond the coastal region, conflicts with the local tribes became common, with equally devastating results. Notably, for the colonists in Massachusetts Bay and New England, disease was less of a problem than it was in the southern colonies. The cold winters limited travel, and the compa

Eight studies compared the frequency of BPD in patients with bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder. Four studies found no difference between the two groups, whereas three of the four studies of bipolar II disorder found a higher rate of BPD in the bipolar patients. Another study found no difference in the rate of BPD in patients bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. One study compared the frequency of Axis I disorders in a heterogeneous sample of psychiatric outpatients, and sufficient data was provi

Physician syringe prescription can act as a tool to outreach to a high risk, and often out-of-treatment of drug users. It is a way to tap into drug using networks and bring those populations into a care system.OSI, Amfar, CSAT, CFAR, NIDA

In the final analysis though we believe that the results of the present review challenge the notion that BPD is part of the bipolar spectrum. While the comorbidity rates are substantial, each disorder is nonetheless diagnosed in the absence of the other in the vast majority of cases (80% to 90%). In studies examining personality disorders broadly, other PDs such as histrionic and obsessive-compulsive were more commonly diagnosed in bipolar patients than was BPD. Although not reviewed here, the converse is a

According to accepted climate science, sea levels have risen nearly 10 inches in Rhode Island since 1930, and are expected to rise by as much as 3 feet over the next 50 years (RICRMC). In 2010, 39% of the US population lived in coastal counties, which comprises less than 10% of the US land area (excluding Alaska) Many of these places are seeing an increase in tidal flooding, heavy downpours, and named storms, which increases the stress on aging infrastructure and historic properties in coastal communities.I

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