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Apparently, "Services" are not just Facebook own

Users may pay nothing, but companies like Google and Facebook have fixed costs to cover: engineers, data centres, etc. To make money, they squeeze their users indirectly, by charging companies to put appropriate advertisements in front of captive eyeballs. In the second quarter of 2017, Facebook eked an average of $4.65 out of each of its users by peppering screens with ads and promoted posts. (By comparison, just eight cents came from payments and other fees, mainly from people paying for stuff within virt

Nowadays, data others hold about us is given away easily. That’s partly because the data apps ask for is largely intangible and invisible, as well as vague rather than specific.

Instagram also gave Facebook another avenue for pushing ads. In 2013, Facebook officially launched an Instagram ad platform.

I tried creating a new ad with a new photo and all, but still gets the same remark. I badly need help for all my sales come from my fb ads 🙁

With more than 3.5 million apps on Google Play alone, the collection of data from our friends via back-door methods is more common than we might think. The back-door opens when you press “accept” to permissions to give access to your contacts when installing an app.This highlights an issue that we don’t talk about enough when it comes to data privacy - that the security of our data is dependent not only on our own vigilance, but also that of those we interact with.

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