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Life in every era has had its troubles.

The next year, he told the press, half-seriously, that the “rock life” was overwhelming him. “I don’t find myself leading a that has many good moments in it,” he told a reporter for . “So I’ve decided to screw it. And go.”where I had sat so long

Thanks to the burgeoning STEM movement (science, technology, engineering and math), Brian Crosby believes science education may soon removed from the endangered curriculum list. Crosby taught science in the Washoe County School district in Nevada for more than 30 years, recently leaving the classroom to become a STEM facilitator for the state.

Simone’s explosiveness was well known. In concert, she was quick to call out anyone she noticed talking, to stop and glare or hurl a few insults or even leave the stage. Yet her performances, richly improvised, were also confidingly intimate—she the connection with her audience—and often riveting. Even in her best years, Simone never put many records on the charts, but people flocked to her shows. In 1966, the critic for the Philadelphia , an African-American newspaper, explained that to hear Simone

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