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"We were on our way to a dinner thing. I had

Then I grew up, and of course it carried through. When I was married, I didn’t clean thorougly. I started projects I never finished. I was what some may call, unpolished.That was pretty much how I did

This was nearly four decades ago, and, in Vega’s memory, admirers of Leonard Cohen in those days were a kind of “secret society.” What’s more, there was a particular way to answer the young man’s semi-innocent question: “Yes, I Leonard Cohen—but only in certain moods.” Otherwise, your new friend might think you were a depressive.I left my robes hanging on a peg

During dinner last night, we were asked what our super power was. I know that’s not a normal dinner question but wasn’t a normal dinner. I’m not allowed to talk about it. That’s the first rule.

Marianne Ihlen at the port of Hydra, Greece, in 1962. Ihlen was known to Leonard Cohen’s fans as that antique figure—the muse.

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