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In 1505, Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to sculpt him a grand tomb with 40 life-size statues, and the artist began work. But the pope’s priorities shifted away from the project as he became embroiled in military disputes and his funds became scarce, and a displeased left Rome (although he continued to work on the tomb, off and on, for decades).If you completed your subscription and still have not received an email, .

One of Eiffel&ampaposs first projects came in 1858, when he oversaw the building of an iron bridge at Bordeaux, and by 1866 Eiffel had set up his own company. By the time he designed the arched Gallery of Machines for the Paris Exhibition of 1867, his reputation was solidified. In 1876, he designed the 525-foot steel-arched Ponte Maria Pia Bridge over the Douro River in Oporto, Portugal, which was completed the following year. Working from the same design nearly 20 years later, he built the renowned 540-foot

A Fir-tree was boasting to a Bramble, and somewhat contemptuously, “You poor creature, you are of no use whatever. Now, look at me: I am useful for all sorts of things, particularly when men build houses they can’t do without me then.” But the Bramble replied, “Ah, that’s all very well: but you wait till they come with axes and saws to cut you down, and then you’ll wish you were a Bramble and not a Fir.“ The help them that help

You will make mistakes. You may waste time, and you may waste money. And you’ll probably argue over quite a few things that don’t really matter all that much.Side projects aren&apost a waste of time, as long as you undertake the right ones.

With Lawrence lending her star power to the project, film was made within a single year. (Aronofsky told in August that it “wasn’t such a hard [film] to convince people to [make]. I imagine that probably has to do with the fact that we attached Jen Lawrence to it as a first move.”)Aronofsky explained that he did not cast the role—she plays Bardem’s publisher—until the last minute.

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