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Much of what looks like politics and economics is actually just demographics in disguise. Countries with aging populations often up with high budget deficits and weak economic growth because there are too few workers to support the many retirees. Countries with extremely young populations often end up in political chaos — particularly if there aren’t enough jobs to go around. Right now, Germany and Japan have the world’s oldest populations, with a median age of 46.1. Niger has the world’s youngest p

First think about your subject, your intended audience, and how you want to tell your story to them. We recommend visiting the for ideas and inspiration to see how other authors have handled similar topics to yours. We recommend that you set up a limited pilot or internal test of any Story Map Crowdsource project before deploying and promoting a Crowdsource story publicly, in order to review if it meets those requirements.

The geography of wealth inequality doesn’t get much attention. But it’s stark. There are about 450 billionaires with American citizenship — and almost in New York and California. The result is this map. In some states, the richest people are well-known names, like Bill Gates or Sheldon Adelson. But how many of you know Leslie Wexler, CEO of the L Brands corporation and, with $5.7 billion, the richest man in Ohio? How about Anne Cox Chambers, who holds a controlling interest in Cox Enterprises and, wi

As part of , the web maps used in Esri Story Maps and the data they present are hosted in the ArcGIS Online cloud. Story Maps let you use the full power of the world&aposs leading mapping platform to create maps for your stories. In ArcGIS Online, you can combine your data with the wide range of authoritative, trusted spatial data published by Esri and many leading agencies, and choose from the range of cartographically rich basemaps that are also built into the system. Your maps can also include data being ser

If your Library should be on the world map, please fill out an to add it back on. Mapping requests are approved on average in three business days.If you built your Library or purchased it from a builder or organization that is not the national Little Free Library organization, you will need to Here are

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