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Although property prices have plummeted due to world-wide recession, Puerto

Indonesia topped Nielsen&aposs Global Consumer Confidence Index at 104 points, followed by Denmark (102 points) and India (99 points).  The world&aposs most pessimistic nations in the Nielsen Index are Korea (31 points), followed by Portugal and Latvia at 48 Index points. Confidence fell in 49 out of 50 countries – Taiwan was the only country to buck the global trend, edging up three Index points from 60 to 63, although still 14 points below the global average.According to the OECD, GDP in Brazil is expected

The latest Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Survey, conducted 19 March – 2 April 2009, found that the emerging markets of Russia, UAE, and Brazil suffered the biggest falls in consumer confidence over the past six months as currency devaluation, weakening export markets and falling global commodity prices took their toll.  “While consumer confidence in Europe and developed markets tumbled dramatically between May and October 2008, in recent months the emerging markets of Russia and Latin America

Despite the pre-approval being an amount significantly below appraisal, the seller jumped at the chance preliminary paperwork on the purchase is ongoing as of this writing.The Yun study at NAR also found that in Puerto Rico, every property sold at a price of $200,000, generates around $35,000 in additional economic activity, mostly from and maintenance projects on the household and the purchase of furniture and home equipment such as air conditioners and water heaters.

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