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Finding out that a friend is observing Ramadan can lead to

Yes,my family celebrate Ramdan. It&amp#039s my favuorite month,because I like helping the poor. Everyone fasts in my family for the whole month. We get up early in the morning to eat food and then stay the whole day without it. When we are together everything is cool,happy...In this month we try to be more patient and helpful.Can you write a caption for this monstrous photo?

What does this have to do with us? What if Christians fervently prayed during the month of Ramadan that God would reveal Himself to Muslims in this time of seeking? What if we covered millions of fasting Muslims with days of intense intercession that something would happen in their spiritual search? Believing in the power of prayer, could we not expect God to respond to our heart-felt burden for the lost millions of the world?

Beyond the general importation of illegal drugs and weapons, Saudi Arabia has very strict rules on imports. Alcohol, pork, non-Islamic religious material and pornography are all expressly prohibited. Pornography is VERY widely defined and may include things such as swimsuit calendars. Computers, CDs, DVDs, iPods and other portable media devices have all been seized for inspection from time to time by authorities, and you may lose your device if it has anything deemed to be forbidden on it.

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