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I agree with some of the comments regarding the reason for doing this. It is fully dependent on what type of site you run and should it a news site or a site that brings up to date information frequently then it`s fair to say that this technique would be useful. However, in general I don`t see why anyone would bother when Google Indexes within a matter of a minute after publishing and therefore it makes the process of using Tweeting to bring traffic a bit redundant. But for news sites it is definitely a pos

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I’m advising clients in 2015 to create less content but be more mindful of its quality and how it&amp#39s being distributed. Spending more minutes thinking about the levers required to generate actual engagement should fill gap in marketers’ time as they seek to reduce waste and step up interaction with their content and messaging.Click on the next to any video to save to your queue.

A ton of have emerged to make social sharing easier, and these tools social media managers be more efficient. But what helps them ?

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