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For me, the rise of bird photography and

“Seen anything interesting?” or “Anything showing?” are seemingly innocuous questions will ignite even the most truculent bird-watcher. Sharing information with strangers is a key prerequisite of birding. Obviously, for needy millennials schooled in posting the minutiae of their young lives online, this will not be a problem.

A distant shot of the pair … with yabbiesDusky Woodswallow, Rise and 20th December 2017

With unprecedented access, filmmakers Bob Hercules and Rita Coburn Whack trace Dr. Angelou’s incredible journey, shedding light on the untold aspects of her life through never-before-seen footage, rare archival photographs and videos and her own words. From her upbringing in the Depression-era South and her early performing career (1957’s album and film, Jean Genet’s 1961 play ) to her work with Malcolm X in Ghana and her many writing successes, including her inaugural poem for President Bill Clinto

“It is bittersweet that Dr. Angelou takes her rightful place in the posthumously,” said executive producer Michael Kantor. “We are fortunate that Bob and Rita captured these insightful interviews with her just prior to her death so we can all learn from her wisdom firsthand.”MAJOR SUPPORT FOR AMERICAN MASTERS PROVIDED BY

“Was there an anti-Trump protest outside this building a couple of weeks ago?” I asked them.Climb the spire of 1 World Trade Center in virtual reality with .

Bristol fed off its slave port for hundreds of years now it&aposs one of Britain&aposs blackest cities, culturally and socially. It&aposs long been home to a West Indian community, and shebeens and sound systems were a way of life for all music-loving Bristolian youth. Being a port, Bristol was always awash in hashish and other plant-based mind-benders like — not to mention more macrobiotically sound, locally-grown life-enhancers like scrumpy cider and hallucinogenic mushrooms (legal back then) grown in the surround

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