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I see. And what’s a module manager?Wait, so can’t we just

I was throwing an exception when shouldn&apost have. I&aposm pushing a correction for this. Otherwise this is amazing, thanks Ryan.

Your app’s just been born, and you’re already seeing a lot. Imagine what can happen as you get further into its lifecycle by going through the app creation process again, this time giving a little more thought to how you answer the wizard questions.Once you have the green checkbox, it’s time to check out your first app!

Have a look at the first two questions, which ask how you want to segment customers. The Sales Performance dashboard uses those answers to determine what goes in some of the filters across the Here are the wizard questions (on the left) and the dashboard filters (on the right).

Don&apost know what&aposs happening but even older versions do not work any more. I&aposm stumped. Ideas? Using it on 2.3 stableI just tried to install it using ModulesManager, and I can&apost install it right after downloading as it requires Textformatter module to be installed.

This section is created using a module much like the frontpage areas, but some features from AcyMailing will be used to provide the form functionality bear in mind that you the base demo content provided in this section will be a placeholder only you will need to add your own AcyMailing data to the function in order for entered emails to be added to your subscription lists.

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