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2:00am - Jul 28 2018
Is content curation a part of your social strategy? How

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A prominent goal amongst marketers and businesses is to establish themselves as thought leaders in their fields. However, in order to become a thought leader, individuals must first support their claims with other Custom content alone can&apost support thought leadership.

Transfer this information to your SMM either by RSS feeds or using a content discovery tool. For example, if you know you like the weekly newsletter from, you can connect the RSS feed to your social media management platform, and all blog updates will be waiting for you to read and share. Often, larger publications write about different topics, why not use a smart curation engine to provide only the most relevant pieces of content? This will help ensure you aren’t overwhelmed with too much

DrumUp includes hashtag recommendations and social analytics, and works with multiple social media DrumUp offers a limited free plan paid plans start at $15 per month.Let’s get started with the content curation tools that won’t cost you a dime …


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