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Hotels are under new scrutiny it comes to keeping their employees safe at work, even when the threat don’t come from other workers. A California court in October ruled that a hotel worker could sue her employer under state law after she was allegedly raped by a trespasser on the property. Workers’ advocates have been pushing hotels to equip housekeepers with “panic buttons” to protect them from guests. And management’s responsibility is likely to be an issue in collective barga

Some situations will require that you intervene directly to put an end to an inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour. If this is the case, refer to the section below, “”.Young Canadians building a better Canada.

According to David Kresock, a partner with Harter Secrest &amp Emery LLP, when an employee complains about alleged harassment or discrimination, an investigation must be conducted regardless of whether the company’s procedure for lodging complaints was followed. An employee is not required to put a complaint in writing, and need not even use the words “discrimination” or “harassment” in order to trigger an investigation.Both the complainant and accused also be notified in writing of the investigation

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