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In 1997, she became the first woman to be

(1859 – 1937), also known as Diana Apcar, was ambassador to Japan of the short-lived First Republic of Armenia in 1918-1920, Diana Abgarian was instrumental in getting Armenia recognised as an independent state by Japan. In fact, she was the first female ambassador, even before the famed Alexandra Kollontai became Soviet ambassador to Norway in 1923. This was at a time when women in much of the world did not even have the right to vote. Diana Abgarian was also a prolific writer of books, poems and letters

Detail from Introduction of Lady Astor as the First Woman MP by Charles Sims. Prime Minister David Lloyd George is on the right.

8. Who wrote international best-seller “Lay Down Your Arms” in 1889, was president of Austrian Society for the Friends of Peace and was the first woman be granted the Novel Peace Prize in 1905?

A global stateswoman, she took the country to war against Argentina over the Falklands, helped facilitate the thawing of the Cold War between the US and USSR, and became known as the &aposIron Lady&apos. She was in office for 11 years, winning three general elections, and was the longest serving prime minister for over 150 years. Despite smashing the glass ceiling herself, she only appointed one other female cabinet minister.Women have got to make the world safe for men since men have made so darned unsafe for wome

- 4 May: First class of officer candidates graduate and report to duty. Classes averaged about 70 candidates, began every month and lasted about eight weeks. - Colonel Ruth Cheney Streeter first Director Women Marine Reservists

There are many reasons for this. In a parliamentary system of government, citizens typically vote for political parties, not individuals, and the parties appoint the leader, making it somewhat easier for a woman—who may not necessarily exhibit “presidential” (read: male) characteristics that appeal to voters—to lead the government. When women are elected by the people, the role of president is often a figurehead role, without the power to effect lasting policy change.Khertek Anchimaa

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