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Well that explains why Johnny can’t read. Look at

Mr. Seidenberg’s book won’t end the debate between scientists and educational establishment over how children should learn to read, but it should jump-start an overdue conversation. As with literary theory, the hard problem with the teaching of reading may continue to be how to eradicate old, unsatisfying, jargon-bound approaches once a new generation has already begun teaching them to the next.Please verify you&aposre not a robot by clicking the box.

Indoor enthusiast. Co-founder of Stack Overflow and Discourse. Disclaimer: I have no idea what I&amp#x27m talking about. Find here: A bunch of people have linked to this , which proposes – long before the students have ever touched a program or a programming language:

Later, I dug deeper to find that unfortunately, — they’re fairly common in the app store’s top grossing lists. And this isn’t just happening with security related keywords. It seems like scammers are bidding on many other keywords. Here’s a search for “wifi”:

I highly recommend reading through (pdf), which remarkably entertaining for what I thought was going to be a dry, academic paper. Instead, it reads like a blog entry. It&aposs filled with interesting insights like this one:

That was the idea, anyway, and the prediction was simple: color words after nouns should make colors far easier to learn, and should make kids far faster at learning them. To test this, we took a couple dozen two-year olds and gave them some quick training on color words. Either we trained them with prenominal sentences (the standard variety) or postnominal sentences (helpful, we hoped). In both cases, we would simply show them familiar objects and say encouraging things like “This is a

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