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Regular gift memberships purchased online are sent straight to the recipient. Exceptions are sometimes possible for gifts purchased over the phone, so do ask. Call +44 (0)20 7887 8888 (09.45–18.00, daily).On this page you’ll find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Tate membership.

If you have your Card in possession, you can here in just a few steps. From within your Online Account, you will be able to start your online Card Replacement request. If you do not have your Card in possession, then you will need to contact us by phone to request a new Card.

You’ll find many of these online, but the more regional offers are only available at Costco stores in a given area. That&aposs another good reason it pays to…Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about

AMBA student members are eligible to receive a complimentary digital membership to The Wall Street Journal for one year. Globally recognised and admired as one of the most insightful publications, a subscription would normally cost you $350. Access your other Membership benefits below.

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