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As of 2015, more than 109,000 military

Aldan said that 50 families evacuated from Pagan after a volcanic eruption still hoped to return. Although the island had no permanent residents, people returned temporarily to fish and farm.The US defence department seized on Pagan as a potential site after public opposition forced local officials to abandon plans to turn it into a dumping ground for debris created by the in north-east Japan.

He filed a fresh bill last week, and as of Wednesday, the bill&aposs 29 co-sponsors were divided fairly evenly between the parties, with 15 Republicans and 14 Democrats joining Denham. A similar number of co-sponsors have joined Denham in his previous two attempts to pass the bill.

Oshkosh Defense announced In October 2008 that it had been awarded the FHTV 3 contract by the U.S. Army&aposs More than 6,000 vehicles and trailers could be delivered under this three-year contract. FHTV 3 covered the HEMTT A4 and A1 models of the and , and both new and recapitalized (Recap) vehicles. HEMTT A4 models were required to be Long Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) compliant and came off the assembly line fitted with upgraded suspensions and integral composite (A-kit) armor, and ready to receive an add-on (

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