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Great article. this helped a lot to try.

It&aposs also a good idea to put any legally necessary information in here too. For example, in the UK if you run a Limited company you&aposre required to put your company registration information, address and contact details on your website – so you might as well put them in this section.

Alexa does an astonishingly good job understanding the spoken word, but does sometimes have difficulty with individual voices, accents, and speaking styles. If you want to improve your Alexa&aposs voice recognition, you can use a quick Voice Training tool that&aposs found right in the Settings section of your Alexa app. It&aposs quick, it&aposs easy, and it does help.

Excellent stuff! You forgot to mention downside of marking up fake information. Overdoing or adding spammy structured data can get you in trouble as well.

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