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When we think of ourselves, we identify with System 2, the

But just as important as all these factors, are the influence of our parents! (See Coopersmith’s research.)

As you undertake a systems thinking process, you will find that the use of certain skills predominates in each step. I believe there are at least seven separate but interdependent thinking skills that seasoned systems thinkers master. The seven unfold in the following sequence when you apply a systems thinking approach: Dynamic Thinking, System-as-Cause Thinking, Forest Thinking, Operational Thinking, Closed-Loop Thinking, Quantitative Thinking, and Scientific Thinking.From my work with both business and ed

He defined a as the few seconds that it takes our brain to store an experience in memory moments have different intensities and can be labeled positive, neutral, or negative. A 5:1 ratio or greater means the couple has a good shot at staying together for the long-run. The Gottman Ratio has been shown to predict everything from brand affinity to workplace satisfaction to divorce with remarkable accuracy.A psychology professor named John Gottman conducted a which found that the strongest predictor of succe

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