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UESTION: ...countries? And in addition, on the DACA program for immigration. Well, first of all about that, we now have Dan Coats, hopefully soon, Mike Pompeo and James Comey and they’re in position so I hope that we’ll be able to straighten that out without using anybody else.

These people will always have problems that are bigger than yours. You’re sick, they’re sicker you’re exhausted from working late every night this week, they’re shattered – from the gym you’ve just lost your job, they’re ‘devastated because it’s really hard when you know someone who’s lost their job’. You’ll always be the supporter, never the supported. There’s only so long that you can keep drawing on your emotional well if there&amp#8217

These people will make you doubt yourself slowly convincing you that they know best, and that they’re doing it all for you. Ugh. Unless you’re having to be craned through your window, or you’re seriously unhealthy, it’s nobody else’s business how luscious your curves are. If you feel heavy, start by losing the 160 pounds of idiot beside you and you won’t believe how much lighter you’ll feel. These ones aren’t looking out for you, they’re trying to manag

You should be thankful now. You should be thankful. Well, I&aposll hold my breath when I take your hand to try and make the moment expand and wrap my head around the epic truth, that there is nothing I do, I&aposll always be in love with you.

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