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Right now, these military bases—among the few places in Puerto

My partner owns an authorized retailer MetroPCS in Manhattan. He said the plan is to push out non LTE phones since they want to eliminate or phase out selling these low end phones. It makes sense because he said that they’re going to bring in more value based LTE phones like the MOTO E. So it figures the best to entice people to buy out the scraps is to offer a cheaper price plan to go along…it’s funny just this past weekend I was thinking along side this type of thinking! Why advertise bl

That doesn’t make sense. Why would they roll out a new plan that excludes LTE on a network that will soon enough be ALL LTE?

Our remembrance of Allah is His remembrance of us. Our call to Him is His answer to us. Remembrance is the way of intimacy with Allah.

Google created its own cellular service by combining two existing networks, T-Mobile and Sprint, and connecting them to its own Nexus devices. Right now only Google’s Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, and can be used to access the network. The benefit? According to Google, a simple matter of having “the best of two 4G LTE networks so you can connect to more towers”, resulting in faster speeds and more coverage.

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