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Beyond the general importation of illegal drugs and

The United States also provides maintenance and parts to support five vessels originally purchased for the Haitian Coast Guard by the Government of Canada. Additional funds will be used to refurbish and maintain two small vessels at the northern Coast Guard base Cap Haitien. Funds will eventually assist in outfitting the Canadian built Coast Guard base in Les Cayes to provide a badly-needed operating base for the Haitian Coast Guard on the south coast.

Public Citizen Congress Watch, “Drug Industry Profits: Hefty Pharmaceutical Company Margins Dwarf Other Industries,” June 2003 (www.citizen .org/documents/Pharma_Report.pdf). The data are drawn mainly from the Fortune 500 list in , April 7, 2003, and drug company annual reports. 

24. Catha edulis forsk (Khat), its preparations, derivatives, alkaloids and salts, cathine and cathinone are scheduled under the CDSA however, they are not scheduled under any regulation. Importation and exportation of these substances is illegal. An exemption is required for any importation or exportation of these substances.

These laws mean that drug companies no longer have to rely on their own research for new drugs, and few of the large ones do. Increasingly, they rely on academia, small biotech startup companies, and the NIH for that. At least a third of drugs marketed by the major drug companies are now licensed from universities or small biotech companies, and these tend to be the most innovative ones. While Bayh-Dole was clearly a bonanza for big pharma and the biotech industry, whether its enactment was a net benefit to

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