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If You use an interactive or transactional service, for example, responding to a survey or ordering a pay-per-view event, the system will collect certain additional personally identifiable information, such as account and billing information or Customer-provided locale and service preferences, to properly bill You for the services purchased and to provide You with a more personalized experience. In addition, certain information such as Your connections to our system is automatically collected to, for exampl

Hi, I am trying to send .rar file by gmail id but coming error domain failed by recipient &amp if i am from my another gmail account so that is working properly so, please suggest me &amp why not going .rar file from my first gmail account even my both gmail setting are same.

If the damaged Zip file is on a removable disk, the removable disk may be physically damaged, or the data on it may have been corrupted. In these cases, the only completely reliable solution is to use another, undamaged copy of the disk or Zip file. There are, however, two other situations in which it may be possible to recover some files from a removable disk.

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