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Creating a high performance work environment is a complex problem. We

If you’re a responsible for 500 builds, you’ll feel the pain even if each of them is 10 minutes long (=~83 hours build time without parallelization). While builds may be short, cumulatively they take very long to run.

By extension we could also apply the above to management. Highly skilled managers will generally not accept working with incompetent and unskilled employees for whom they are responsible. So we could argue that a highly skilled relationship from the top down will cultivate, and naturally inject HPEs into the system. By contrast, the effect of unskilled management will ‘evaporate’ HPEs through attrition.

If team members sense that you’re trying to blame them for something, you become their saber-toothed tiger. John Gottman’s at the University of Washington shows that blame and criticism reliably escalate conflict, leading to defensiveness and — eventually — to disengagement. The alternative to blame is curiosity. If you believe you already know what the other person is thinking, then you’re not ready to have a conversation. Instead, adopt a learning mindset, knowing you don’t have all

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