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The Republican minority in Congress complained that the

By the early 1990s, many in Michel’s caucus complained that he was too conciliatory with Democrats and was pushing the GOP agenda hard enough. Gingrich, then minority whip, was considered a potential threat to Michel’s position. In 1994, even as his party was poised to regain the House for the first time in four decades, Michel announced that he would not seek reelection. He denied that Gingrich’s rise in popularity had motivated his decision to retire, but it was clear that Michel would have received

Reid’s tight control of the amendments process has become a point of contention in the debate over unemployment benefits, which he’d like to extend without providing funding for the program. After signaling that he would not allow any Republican amendments on a bill to temporarily extend the benefits, Reid , however begrudgingly. “I am open to considering a reasonable number of relevant amendments to [the bill], if that’s what it takes to end Republican obstruction,” he Monday on Twitter.Senate m

“Under the Obama administration, the GSA administrator responded to requests for information from ranking members of such congressional committees regardless of whether the ranking member was a or a Republican,” wrote Reps. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., and Hank Johnson, D-Ga., along with Sens. Tom Carper, D-Del., and Ben Cardin, D-Md. “Under the Trump administration, the GSA policy appears to be to respond to Republican chairmen but not Democratic ranking members.”The Democrats warned, &ampld

Eliminating the SALT deduction disproportionately affects states that have both higher taxes and higher home prices. While the national Chamber of Commerce supports the House bill, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce came out against it. AFSCME, the public sector union, is also against the move, since it&aposs worried the measure will lead to state budget cuts and fewer jobs. Changes to the mortgage deduction mostly affect high income taxpayers, but players in the homebuilding industry, from realtors to unions,

The National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center publishes the yearly of names to be used for identifying storms. The lists compiled for use through 2018 do not appear to include any distinctly African-American monikers.Sign up for the newsletter and get daily updates on all the best news and legends delivered straight to your inbox.

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