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"My only struggle with the rankings is the elimination of

Grading students, from A to F, has become synonymous with education itself. Report-card day is an American rite of passage. Yet, there&aposs reason to believe the structure of grading students is the biggest culprit in America&aposs long, steady decline in education—SAT reading scores are at a , and one in education, worse than Poland, Canada, Ireland, South Korea, and Denmark. It&aposs becoming increasingly clear that the rigid and judgmental foundation of modern education is the origin point for many of our wo

What’s New on Netflix: February 2018

Cersei, to her credit, internalized this lesson more than anyone else. She dedicated herself to one objective — protecting the survival of the Lannister dynasty and the life of her unborn child — and centered every tool of statecraft on accomplishing that goal. This was revisionism at its most incompetent.

There are a variety of reasons why women quit their jobs in mid-career. But the departure of married women from work is often attributed to the difficulties they face in balancing their jobs and family needs. Many women quit their jobs when they birth to their first child, and the hurdles they face as they return to work while raising children are compounded by prevalent male-centric practices at many companies such as notoriously long working hours, which force women to make a tough choice between their fa

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