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Fourth (but, certainly not last), convey that you feel you’d make the best fit out of all the candidates. You can do this successfully but demonstrating that you’re not only qualified for the role, but passionate about both the position and working for the company and its This is where your pre-interview research on the company will come in handy.

Thanks for great advices, Neil. It’s a pleasure to read such posts with practical davices.“But then again, working for anyone would be frustrating for me- which is why I’m the boss.”

Terrible workplace reviews. Following up on an interview with “rate my employer” style websites, I found one company had more than its fair share of “employer from hell” commentary from current and former employees. They gave context for an attitude problem I noticed in an interview, and I didn’t respond to the job offer.

Be personal. Sure. How many jobs out there even have personal contact information for the employer? If it does, great, but if the job description doesn’t, it’s tough to be personal. And, by the way, even if a candidate is personal, if an employer sends back one of those robot, automatically generated “this e-mail address monitored” responses to your resume, a candidate gets no reinforcement to be personal.

Oh thank you! I never thought anyone felt the way I do with my experience just like yours! So I say go in and stop their feed so you don’t see their post at all on your wall, that’s what I did….one of these was a close friend who said THE EXACT same thing as yours did! Unbelievable huh….oh P.S., it bothers you cause your heart and soul is bigger than those small minded narcissistic holes. When you hurt you know you are the better person, don’t cry move on without them and don&amp#

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