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Listen, some of those who are defensive in response

 The goal is to diffuse the emotional reaction so that you can productively give the feedback and, together, come up with ideas and actions to ensure the person’s success. This may mean having a second meeting, requesting that you regroup after the person has had time to calm down and collect themselves. Addressing the emotional reaction shouldn’t shortchange the , including: sharing the why, naming the issue clearly, offering examples, listening and hearing the other person out, and comi

Thanks for posting that link, It was a good article another one for my clippings file!Instead, when someone gives you critical feedback, do the following:

, and share it with the world. Criticism can be necessary, but often it is just dragging down the people trying to do amazing things. let it stop you.If you’re going to do anything interesting in the world, criticism is an unavoidable fact.

Create amazing things. Contribute to the world, make the version of the world you want to see. ‘Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves.’

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