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At present, systemic risks are under control, but China

Chairman Shea, Vice Chair Bartholomew, and honorable members of the Commission, thank you for the opportunity to share with you my views on the status of market-oriented economic reforms in China, with particular emphasis on financial market reforms and capital account liberalization, along with a discussion of the risks the economy faces. In this testimony, I will also discuss China’s efforts to expand the international use of its currency, the renminbi (RMB), and how this is tied in to the domestic

This is the task I set myself in writing .[2. Harvey, D., 2010, , London, Profile Books.] In writing it I found, however, that conventional versions of the Marxian theory of crisis formation were inadequate and that it was necessary to take a fresh look at the arguments on crisis formation laid out in and, even more importantly, in . In the latter work Marx argues that the circulation and accumulation of cannot abide limits. When it encounters limits it works assiduously to convert them into barriers that

The central problem to be addressed is clear enough: . The troubles that have beset the world these last thirty years signal that a limit is looming that cannot be transcended. Add to this the fact that so many people in the world live in conditions of abject poverty, that environmental degradations are spiraling out of control, that human dignities are everywhere being offended even as the rich are piling up more and more wealth at the expense of everyone. Meanwhile, in most places the levers of ideologica

The government’s other actions to stabilize the market have not inspired confidence either. On January 4, 2016, the CSRC introduced a circuit breaker mechanism in the Chinese stock market. This to a negative reaction in markets, with the main indexes plunging by about 14 percent over the next three days. The circuit breakers were activated multiple times during that period, worsening the sell-off as many market participants tried to sell their holdings before the circuit breakers were activated. The c

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