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Ahh… but this is a blog about marketing,

Content marketing is tricky. It’s fairly easy to set up the rudiments of a content marketing machine, but getting it to turn a profit is another beast entirely. The reality is that many companies are just barely breaking even. That’s a tough spot to be You’re doing just well enough that you don’t want to […]

And, most important of all: it really pays attention to . This course teaches you how to only promote the products that you really believe in. To me, this is so important!In this section, you’ll learn more about what affiliate marketing is, how the affiliate links work, and why it is such a great way to .

Asking “How do we know that?” or “What if it that way?” will do one of two things: crack open more space for new ideas, or confirm and deepen the group’s understanding of the idea in question. Either way, you’ve gained something.Make sure to refer back to the parking lot at the end of the day to determine which (if any) topics you should follow up on, and which can be closed.

I’m a PeopleOps associate. What about you?Well, I love how Granular—who’s also B2B—has started a UCG campaign…

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