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Although Chancellor John Sharp wrote in a

In publications for internal audiences, the “system” can be used alone on second reference. Lowercase “system” unless beginning a sentence. is an acceptable abbreviation in all references.

Capitalize if referring to a specific department or other academic unit by its full proper name. Otherwise, use lower case.Use or chair in references to positions on Board of Regents, even for female members.

Sharp was married, by Tillotson, at Clerkenwell in 1676 to Palmer of Winthorp, Lincolnshire. Of his fourteen children, only four survived him. Of these, John Sharp (1678–1727) of Grafton Park represented Ripon from 1701 to 1714 he was a commissioner of trade from 15 Sept. 1713 to September 1714 (), and died on 9 March 1726–7 in Wicken church, Northamptonshire, there is a monument to him and his wife Anna Maria, daughter of Charles Hosier of Wicken Park. Thomas (1693–1758), the youngest son and biogr

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