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3:00am - Sep 30 2018
“We cling to this one-size-fits-all theory even

September 21, 2018 — Anne C. Mulkern and E&ampE NewsSeptember 22, 2018 — Everyday Einstein Sabrina

Have you ever noticed on a rainy day how water forms droplets on a window? Why does it do that instead of spreading out evenly over whole surface? You might not guess it but this property of water is also related to washing dishes and doing the laundry. How? It all has to do with something called surface tension. Try this activity to learn more!September 21, 2018 — Alison Abbott and Nature magazine

What’s interesting is how many people here have used exactly that technique to attack the people they dislike rather than honestly question themselves and their motivations. If there’s one thing that articles like this, those on cognitive dissonance and bias towards belief over rationality show, it’s that we should be profoundly careful when we cast the first stone.That means Joe, that a can of tuna has over 2x as much mercury as a flu vaccine

To some extent, leaders are storytellers really, though, they are characters in stories. They play leading roles, but in dramas they can’t predict and don’t always understand. Because the serialized drama of history is bigger than any one character’s arc, leaders can’t guarantee our ultimate narrative satisfaction. Because events, on the whole, are more protean than people, leaders grow less satisfying with time, as the stories they’re ready to tell diverge from the stories we want to hear. And,

The students had to imagine convincing a PC-user about the merits of an Apple product but this time, half were told that they were talking to a Windows-diehard, and the others were faced with a more open-minded partner. As before, the students put more effort into persuading their imaginary partner if their own confidence was weakened, but only if their partner was receptive.How does this apply to the Tea Party Folks


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