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Like Hamas, the PKK have been branded ‘terrorists’.

The Internet offers a simple access to a global stage, every terrorist could instantly reach large masses or targets specific groups of individuals. Under specific the resources of the Internet could offer anonymity to the user, a great advantage for a terrorist organization that wants to spread their message while remaining undetected.Returning to the present day, according to the, the the ISIS has developed an Android mobile app used by members of the terror organization.

Since the expansion of IS, the PKK and its affiliates in Syria and Iraq have been presented as “” by many media outlets. By being secular and having many affiliates with different names, the group had all sorts of opportunities to attract support in the name of fighting IS in Syria. The YPG started to receive heavy from the United States.Kurds who voted for the HDP did not want the party to be a tool for the PKK, but rather represent them in parliament with dignity.

Then, of course, there’s the cooling of once warm relations between Presidents Barack Obama and Erdogan more recently, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s declaration during the presidential campaign that, in the fight against the Islamic State, she “would consider arming the Kurds,” which was met with alarm in Turkey. These Kurds—specifically Syria’s People’s Protection Units, or YPG, are not just effective fighters against Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s ISIL forces, but are linkedto the te

In three connected U.S. cases since 2000, defendants tied to Hezbollah have pleaded guilty to smuggling low-tax cigarettes from North Carolina and untaxed cigarettes from New York Indian reservations to the high-tax state of Michigan. Nearly 50 defendants have faced federal charges ranging from cigarette smuggling and money laundering to material support for terrorists. Investigators say the operations made millions of dollars, some of it traced back to Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon. The network’s kingpin

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