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In 2007 James was tried ten assault charges

- The United States Marshals Service District Court for the District of Columbia initiated a warrant round-up named Operation Guardian. The operation commenced on Monday, August 14 and concluded on Friday, August 25.

“For a long, long time, and even somewhat today, that still haunts me,” recalled DeCunzo, 33 years after the initial search.Court documents alleged that Stanley threatened and assaulted the victim and her daughter. 

- Charged with - Undercover sting operation conducted by the Renton Police Department - Pled guilty to (felony) and misdemeanor - Sentenced to 3 months of on the felony count, 364 days on the misdemeanor count, 12 months of supervised , $1,667 in fines and fees, and ordered to attend the “” class - Required to register as a sex offender - This case took approximately 26 months to reach a resolution- Charged with felony - Defendant was not known to the victim, victim was an adult - Renton

After a new trial was ordered, the prosecution dropped the charges when key prosecution witness refused to testify.

After the allegations against Spacey came to light, the Old Vic set up a confidential email to receive tips and reports the actor, while claiming in a public statement that it was “” to hear about the allegations. Meanwhile, multiple allegations concerning Spacey’s behavior while at the Old Vic began to surface.

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